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Somewhere, the Sun Shines

by July Quin

Muddy Roses 03:05
Yeah I wanna get this before my phone die I gotta find a name for these records, yeah Mental evaluation In dire need of vacation But I'm off to the races My body is not a haven To well wishes or patience Agent of chaos Roses in muddy water vases Yet the flowers still in bloom The proof is still infused In these concrete melodic tunes Although unenthused And blue, abused and cynic Riddled with monumental civil unrest My blood bubbles thru heart troubles I had a homie that once told me He couldn't deal with my mood swings Meanwhile I'm hanging by a shoe string Not everybody gon' grace you with understanding Sometimes all our moral standards Get weighed by the obligations we're handed I can't fault him if he came to conclusions He disillusioned And choose to move in head of the sense That better suits him I can't guarantee nothing but trying If that's a buy in I know it's terrifying To come in blind it's mystifying Often misdefined myself To narratives from people whos heritage Is based in comparative, disparaging Arrogance, failed marriages Yet declarative to play therapist And speak to me like I'm a heretic It's so imperative to know yourself Set time for your health Regardless of no one else but you And If they poof on the day you crash It is what it is, things don't always last So cherish that Be more direct, uh Come to collect, I need a check For being one of the best To ever rep up out the X Back when Memo was elxit Randy made the connect, I made my entrance And Bathgate was where we stayed That was my great escape way before 808's graced Any beats that he made for me Now we Harlem shake Back when Buddhaflip was Tony Roc These upstarts living large Unsmart, but ain't require the heart Him and Dante argued all the time Them Mont Hall homies outta line Shout out to Daniel and to Sav Those were the best days of our lives I noticed why A bunch of genius minds Backed by a brotherhood and a bond Shout out my brother Bryant I love you for your kindness and That divine energy you be supplying Though we ain't speak in a while Hope you know you on my mind Just had to find a solution For I end up dying And sometimes I catch a sign that things gone be alright But don't pretended be Transparencies what I need Back when birds chirped tweet now they fleet My dove like a piano key The wingspan is incredible Airport revenue Hope that it's legible what I done All the years I wrote, stayed broke and overcome And on the nights I spilled over the pad And no one cared Yet I still knew No one could ever touch the kid, holla
Romancing forecasts that crack the sun back Soul spastic Programed and unpacking what my folks dragged in Dead weight I'm toe tagging I wear mask like majora The allure of that's Florist to a forest My phone don't Saturn Halo won't lasso And if I have reached my Plateau What then, what matters What backbone won't snap Like southern crunk Bundled up under comforters Gallons dump out my tear ducts When snuggled up I guzzled dozens of honeys I'm buzzing I bees up in the trap Trying crack codes and claps that bear arms It's Russian roulette Trying to commit What a trip, all abroad Calling shotgun with a sawed off And I dump clips for the sport Shoot shots till I'm horse Commit cause till the law come get me Then I swig it like Chris Rivers did words swiftly I'm either punch drunk love Or I'm touch lust tipsy And I won't drive safe Can't call a cab home The feel of intoxication Best feeling I've ever known I just drove, yeah I drove Past fork in the road An I choose to cruise my control I might just implode On impact from this crash A dummy on dispatch going nowhere fast Just looking to get ahead Straighten when round the bend If this too deep for the intro My bad I'm in my bag yup I'm in my bag yup Might catch a tag You might catch this drag yup And they may say they something but they nothing like this
Yeah Holla back youngin', woop Uh, I like that Ain't come to sing no hook Came to quick wit with vigor Address and deliver, bricks For your winter conditions Ain't always sweet as it look Might be bitter it ain't glitter It's gold tinted I came to kill the beat and get acquitted Scott free, oxy clean They hate my moxie Only way that they lock me is if they cop me They trying box me in That's rich, for someone rowdy Talking Saudi, allow me to educate all of them doubters I'm a product of off handed dynamics Ghosts and phantoms Would cause panics on days I went manic Depressive, regressing In my youth, my adolescence My bed was both hell and heaven And I'll admit it I wasted a few years Tasted a few tears Based my self love in fears that were spoke in ears Watched most of my peers grace While I'm stuck in this space And what's worst your gears age as your spirit breaks Late to the party if you ain't work on your healing Fifth of Barcadi by the time that the truth started spilling I ain't come to regret I came to reveal it And let the universe do the measure Now what's the metric for success If you don't play by the standards in which they handed you Once you catch your self love they catch an attitude They rather catch that than catch my gratitude I'm from a divine attribute Out the zoo blocks 149th, up in the boondocks Searching for truth out a juice box Was just a kid trying to spit and convince My fellow artist if I ain't the hardest I'm the smartest We made progress with the time allotted Was always soulful and melodic Had to bring it back to where it started For the snotty nosed nerdy child Who was riding high off the sound And expressing his pain the only way he knew how This for the homies Yeah, Memo, yeah Tryna go viral like Kony 2012 Is the year in which I premiered like Adobe Writing raps with catchy hooks tryna get signed to Sony Hate to be with bad company I rather be lonely Oh Lordy, fucked up priorities Defund authorities, where I'm from everyone's a minority Girls from sororities became the norm Move incognito like I'm watching porn You know how that go I'm torn between the options The paths that I could take I thought out all the concoctions Doctor Strange with it I figured out the synopsis Only one way and I'm going once like an auction Stress shopping tryna be the flyest Think I'm the best but obviously I'm bias Objectively they can't deny it Ain't got a lot to say in the age of protests and riots Sometimes I might engage other times I stay quiet Gotta protect your energy I keep it real especially on melody I'm super skeptic of everything folks telling me And son I'm grateful I know that the lord's blessing me Blessing me like uh


There was a period in time towards the tail end of 2020 where I was in an extremely creative bag. Making songs left and right that are shaping what soon will be the follow up to my Wide Eyed Child album. And most of those records that are stashed away are very grand in production as well as concept. So when that creative & intentional energy left me after while, I didn’t want to stop my desire to write or produce. So I set out to get back to basics and make something simple in nature. Inspired by the lo-fi community I often find myself in while scrolling thru YouTube, and a Travis Scott drum kit — Somewhere, the Sun Shines was born. With a focus on reflection, nostalgia and lyricism, Somewhere, the Sun Shines finds me sharing tough lessons I’ve learned on the function of friendships, value of self and the downfalls of fantasy. Although originally intended to be a vehicle to keep my pen sharp over minimal production the project turned out to only be minimal in overall time. From lyrics, to collage artwork, to the details drawn in EP cover by Bryant Crisos, even to the projects own name sporting a comma; the theme of this 3-song package is that you should look closer — there’s something more there.


released February 20, 2021

Artwork by Bryant Crisos

Muddy Roses
Written by J. Quinones (July Quin)
Produced by July Quin
Engineered by J. Quinones
Mixing & Mastering by J. Quinones

Nimbus & Majora's Joyride
Written by J. Quinones (July Quin)
Produced by July Quin
Engineered by J. Quinones
Mixing & Mastering by J. Quinones

Divine Attributes (feat. Numemo)
Written by J. Quinones (July Quin) & R. Herasme (Numemo)
Produced by July Quin
Engineered by J. Quinones & R. Herasme
Mixing & Mastering by J. Quinones


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July Quin New York, New York

A self-taught Bronx boy who produces, mixes, masters, writes & records his own music from his home studio. The composer of these Kaleidoscope Compositions.

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